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Frequently asked questions

What are the opening hours of your stores?

We have two branches based in Walvis Bay, the domestic branch situated in town centre, and the industrial branch situated in the east industrial area.

Stop Electric Domestic - Mon - Fri: 8am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm; Sat: 9am - 1pm
Stop Electric Industrial - Mon - Fri: 8am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm; Sat: 8am - 12pm

Are your in-store prices the same as online?

Where product prices are advertised, product prices online will be priced the same instore.

What is the physicall address of your stores?

Stop Electric Domestic - 79 Hage Geingob Street, Town Centre, Walvis Bay
Stop Electric Industrial - 12th Street East, Industrial Area, Walvis Bay

Can I order online and collect in-store?

Yes, by adding the desired products to your online shopping basket, once submitted and on confirmation from one of our Sales Agents, your products will be made available for collection.

How do I place my order?

You can order online through this website or directly in-store. If you choose to place your order online, you will receive email confirmation acknowledging that your order has been received and a Sales Agent will work with you closelly to finalize your order. If you have a customer account, you can log in to the Customer Portal and view your order history.

How do I know the item will fit?

We strongly recommend that you measure the space for your new appliance before placing an order. You should find the full dimensions for our products listed in the specifications on our website. It is important to note that item dimensions don't include any protruding features, such as controls and handles, and represent the casing of the item only.

Can I cancel my order if I no longer require the product prior to delivery?

If you wish to cancel your order this will need to be done by 12pm the working day prior to your delivery date or delivery will be made. Please note that as per our Terms & Conditions, a 15% handling fee will be charged for items returned.

Can I cancel my order after delivery has taken place?

You may cancel the contract at any time without any reason within 7 days from date of purchase, beginning the day after you receive the product. To cancel a contract, you must inform us in writing, through email where one of our Sales Agents will talk you through the returns process.

Will I receive the exact model shown?

Images of the items shown on our website are for illustrative purposes only. Whilst we try to ensure all images and colours are correct, we can't guarantee that all the images will accurately reflect the true design and colour of the item delivered to you. Please be aware that colours may differ between manufacturers. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that item specifications are correct on the website, due to continual item development through research and design, specifications may change without notice.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept payments from most major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, as well as EFT(electronic funds trasnfer/online banking) payments.

Will my appliance be installed and connected?

If you have opted for installation when placing your order, we can assist where the connection/setup is of a 'plug & play' nature and can be setup using existing connections. We will connect the product to the appropriate services, however you must ensure you have the correct services available. We will inspect the services on arrival and advise of any potential issues prior to carrying out the installation. Please note that we are obliged to provide any alterations or additional equipment of any kind, especially involving carpentry. All existing appliances must be disconnected and water free, where applicable, prior to delivery of your new appliance. We will remove all the packaging and ensure it is disposed of in an ethical manner.

Will you dispose of my old appliance?

If you have requested disposal of an old appliance when placing your order we can assist and dispose of it ethically and in line with current legislation.

When will my item be delivered?

You can select a preferred delivery date at the point of placing your order. A member of staff will then contact you to confirm a definitive delivery date. If you are purchasing a small domestic appliance this can be delivered to your home via courier for an additional charge or you can collect it from your local store. Larger items will be delivered as stated above.

How much will delivery cost?

We offer FREE standard delivery for Walvis Bay, Dolphin Beach, Long Beach and Swakopmund. Standard delivery means no more than 3 steps up to the front door, you will need to inform us if there are potential access problems or stairs to flats that need to be considered. An additional charge will be made if you have chosen to have a small domestic appliance delivered directly to your home by courier.

Do I need to be in for my delivery?

You do not have to be there in person, but we can only allow the goods to be signed for by an adult at the delivery address with all the appropriate identification. To help us protect you, we may ask for photographic proof of identity, such as a photo driving license or passport. If you have purchased your product without any services \(such as installation and disposal of your old appliance\), it can be left in a designated area and will be at your own risk. You should closely inspect the product upon delivery for any cosmetic defects before signing the delivery receipt, damaged products should not be accepted. When a pre-arranged and agreed delivery day and/or time has been given and that delivery fails because there is nobody at the address to sign for the product you may be liable for a failed delivery charge.

Can I change my delivery date?

You can contact us at any time to see if/when your delivery can be rescheduled, this will be entirely dependent on the delivery schedule for the day you have requested to reschedule for.

What do I need to do before my delivery arrives?

If you have requested installation, all existing appliances must be disconnected, un-installed and water free, where applicable. You will need to ensure that you have the correct utilities and fittings in place for the new appliance to be installed.

Where do you deliver to?

We offer FREE standard delivery for Walvis Bay, Dolphin Beach, Long Beach and Swakopmund. A fixed rate per kilometer applies for delivery anywhere else. Where we cannot deliver we use a courier of your choice for overnight delivery in most cases anywhere in Namibia. Please note delivery times are estimates only and some deliveries may be delayed due to adverse conditions such as weather or traffic.

Where can I get a delivery update?

Get in touch with us via our Contact Form and we will be able to give you an update on your delivery.

Can I return an item I no longer want after delivery?

If you are not happy with your product and wish to cancel the contract within the 7 day period, we will arrange to collect the item free of charge(**large appliances). Please see full details of how to do this on our Deliveries & Returns section of our website.

Who do I call to arrange a return?

Contact one of our Sales Agents on +264-64-275420 or get in touch via our Contact Form and we will talk you through the process.

What happens if I have a faulty product?

If you think your product may be faulty you will not be responsible for any collection costs. In this case we will assist you in making contact with the appointed service specialist/agent who will log a service call and initially look at resolving the issue. If this is not an issue that they can resolve, and the product is within warranty, a replacement item will be arranged for and provided. However, if any accessories are missing, the cost of these will be additional.

Do I need a specific plug for my cooker?

All cookers should be fitted in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most integrated cookers come with plug tops, so are safe to plug into a standard socket. If you're unsure, contact a registered electrician.

How do self-cleaning ovens work?

There are two types of self-cleaning ovens. Pyrolytic ovens use high temperatures to burn off leftovers. Catalytic ovens absorb grease and fat in a chemically-treated lining. But, you'll still need to wipe down your oven occasionally.

What is a range cooker?

A range cooker features both a stove and an oven.

What is the difference between 'built-in' and 'built-under' ovens?

Built-under ovens are designed to fit under a kitchen worktop. Built-in ovens are fitted into unit, normally at eye level.

What is the difference between ‘conventional’, ’fan’ and ‘multi-function’ ovens?

A conventional oven usually heats up with a stationary heat source, but fan ovens circulate heat evenly and can cook your food faster. Multi-function ovens combine a range of cooking options – a great choice if you want more flexibility.

What is the difference between 'double ovens' and 'twin cavity ovens'?

Double ovens have two oven cavities and no grill. Twin cavity ovens generally have a grill compartment at the top and an oven compartment at the bottom.

What oven capacity do I need?

Oven capacity is measured in litres, normally ranging from 60- 110 litres. A larger oven will give you flexibility and space for larger dinners. Smaller ovens are ideal for kitchens with limited space.

What oven features should I look for?

Every model has a range of features, but what you should go for depends on your needs, e.g. adjustable oven racks let you alter the oven space to suit what you're cooking, and warming drawers allow you to keep food hot or prove dough.

What oven safety features should I look for?

Most cookers come with built-in safety features, such as auto safety shutoff, child locks, flame failure devices and residual heat indicators.

What type of cooker should I buy?

There are three main types of cookers: gas, electric and dual fuel gas hob and electric oven. The one you choose depends on your needs, personal style and size of space.

Will my grill reach different temperatures?

Many grills have variable heat options. A conventional grill has full or half-grill heat settings.

Will my oven have timer options?

Most models come with auto timers and acoustic alarms to let you know when your food is ready. It’s best to check the cooker’s description before you buy.

Do I need to light my own burners?

Some gas hobs require lighting, but most have an automatic ignition feature, so the burners will spark themselves.

Do I need to wire up my hob?

‘Plug and Play’ hobs can be plugged straight into a standard socket, so hardwiring isn't needed. We recommend seeking professional help when installing any other hob.

How do induction hobs work?

An induction hob heats up your pans directly. It creates a magnetic field between the induction element and the base of your cookware.

How quickly will my electric hob heat up?

Electric hobs tend to heat up less quickly, but a ‘Power Boost’ feature will increase the power as much as 50 percent.

Should I choose a ceramic or conventional solid plate hob?

Ceramic hobs don't have raised areas for pans to sit, making them easier to clean. Solid plate hobs are cheaper, but not as efficient.

What does a glass lid do?

A glass lid can be lowered when the hob’s not in use. This gives you more room to prepare meals. When the lid is up, it acts as a natural splashback.

What hob features should I look for?

This depends on your personal needs, but a range of features are on the market such as automatic ignition, auto safety shut off, flame failure devices, FlexInduction and more.

What hob safety features should I look for?

Some gas hobs have auto shutoff features if the hob has been left on for too long, while flame fitted devices cut the gas supply if the flame goes out. Electric hob models can have residual heat indicators, which show whether the surface is still hot.

What if I prefer gas hobs but don't have a gas supply?

An LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas Conversion Kit can be installed so that your new oven can run on propane.

What is different about an induction hob?

An induction hob can heat cookware much faster, is often safer, and will turn off automatically when not in use. The smooth surface also makes it easy to clean.

What is the most energy efficient hob?

Induction hobs require less energy than gas or electric hobs, as no energy is wasted heating the cooking surface.

Do I need special pans for induction hobs?

Your pans will need magnetic bases with iron, so the hob can heat them effectively. To check if your current pans will work, simply put a magnet on to the bottom of your pan and if it sticks, they will be fine for induction hobs.

What size hob do I need?

Most hobs have four burners - suitable for most households. A five or six burner design may be better for larger families and often have a specialist wok burner. Domino hobs have just one or two burners, so are ideal for those with limited space.

What type of hob should I buy?

Gas hobs provide heat instantly, and their adjustable flames makes it easy to get the right temperature. Electric hobs are usually cheaper to buy and offer a sleeker, more attractive look.

Can I grill and/or fry food in a microwave?

Some microwaves offer grilling options, alongside the standard functions. If your model features ‘SLIM Fry’, you can even enjoy healthier fried foods from your microwave.

How quickly can a microwave cook food?

Generally, microwaves can cook food much faster than ovens – sometimes up to four times as quickly.

What can I cook in a microwave?

You can microwave a wide range of food, from eggs and jacket potatoes to vegetables and popcorn. Stirring halfway through will ensure food is heated evenly.

What is the difference between a turntable and flatbed microwave?

Most microwaves use a turntable to rotate your food for an even heat distribution. But, flatbed models are easier to clean.

What microwave capacity do I need?

Microwave capacities usually range from 17 to 40 litres, but built-in combi models can be as large as 65 litres. Larger models are more expensive, so choose a smaller option if you don't need the extra space.

What microwave power should I go for?

Models tend to start at 600 W and can go up to 1200 W. The higher the wattage, the quicker the cooking time. Many microwaves have variable temperature controls for a range of cooking options.

What should I avoid putting in my microwave?

Metal dishes and tin foil are not recommended as the waves bounce off the surface, causing sparking – and sometimes even fires. Plastic containers, Styrofoam and paper bags are also dangerous to use.

What type of microwave should I buy?

A combi microwave offers multiple cooking options, including a grill and convection heating. Solo microwaves are lower-cost, entry level-models, offering basic cooking functions.

How is a model's energy efficiency rated?

Energy efficiency is rated from G to A+, with A+ being the most efficient. It takes into account the energy consumption and the size of the appliance.

Should I go for a freestanding or built-in model?

Built-in models fit into your kitchen seamlessly if you want to save space. Freestanding models offer flexibility as they aren’t integrated into the kitchen unit.

What is the difference between net and gross capacity?

Net capacity is the total usable space, measured in litres. Gross capacity is the total space inside the appliance.

Which controls are better - touch controls or knobs and dials?

Touch controls give you precise control of heat and time settings, but can be costly to repair and don't usually feature on lower end models.

How can I tell if my gas hob has a leak?

The smell of gas is the most obvious sign of a leak. An orange or yellow flame on the burner also suggests there is a leak.

How do I clean my hob?

Use ceramic cream cleaners and a microfiber cloth to scrub away any marks on your hob. If you have a gas hob, remove the rings once cool and soak in warm, soapy water.

How do I clean my microwave?

There are lots of easy methods to clean your microwave. Try heating a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar, on your appliance's highest setting. Any marks should then wipe off easily.

How do I clean my oven?

See our ‘How To Clean Your Oven’ guide for the best tips and tricks on keeping your oven sparkling clean.

Why is my appliance beeping?

Common causes for beeping are: preheating has finished, the timer has finished or the system has detected a problem. Try rebooting and unplugging the appliance, and if the beeping persists, contact your local electrician.

Why is my microwave sparking?

Metal fragments, food splatters and grease can create sparks. The microwave’s magnetron could also be faulty and may need replacing by an engineer.

Why is my oven food undercooked or burning?

This could be an oven thermostat issue, which normally controls the temperature. Replacements are available online.

Why is my oven smoking?

There may be stuck food or grease burning inside your oven. Cleaning product residue could also be causing smoke.

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